Isla del deporte

The Espinillo Island, until now an uninhabited land, will be conquered by the citizen of Rosario.

Through new drainage technologies and public-private partnership with the participation of the Brazilian multinational Da Silva Brokers, the Island of Sport will be built until 2025 on 200,000 square meters of swamp.

The new Rosario neighborhood will be directly connected to the city center through the Bridge of Tomorrow. It includes a set of three sports arenas, eight buildings, a public square on a metropolitan scale, a waterfront and a huge public park. In this way, Isla del Deporte combines all the facilities of a modern city (housing, offices, commerce, hotels, entertainment, recreation, country) with the security of a totally planned project in a unique environment, mixing the urban and the natural.


Rosario – Argentina
2017 -2022
Total Investment $ 1252.122355





Saquare Meters


Privat living units

Turn a deserted island into a dream

It is an ideal space to enjoy the river, the green and an architecture of excellence in the largest planned riverside extension of the city of Rosario.

La Isla del Deporte is a unique opportunity to live in contact with nature just a few minutes away from the city center with the maximum comfort, culture, infrastructure and security.

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