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da Silva Brokers

Foundation Da Silva Brokers  at the Museum of Art – Espírito Santo MAES

Beginning of the works of the Silva Brokers Foundation Art Museum of Espírito Santo MAES

The project approved in the first weeks of this year, already has a date set for the beginning of its construction. The Foundation will house the Da Silva Brokers’ contemporary art collection and will have a rich program of exhibitions open to the public. The building that will house the Foundation will be constructed on top of the Espírito Santo Museum of Art MAES and will function as an annex to the museum. The architectural plans for the project are available on the company’s official website, and feature a main building more than 130 meters high, making this project one of the most daring architectural constructions in Latin America in the last fifty years.

Vitória – Espírito Santo
2021 -2028
Total Investment $ 4252.122355





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