Frankfurts Seele

The newly designed building  unites traditional half-timbered wood construction with modern brutalist architecture,  all to represent of what is Frankfurt today ! The  soul of Frankfurt is modern but rooted to solid traditions. Frankfurts Römer has a long historical tradition as a “square of the exchange” and now gets this function back with Frankfurt’s new mall.
Preserving historical testimony and at the same time  stepping into the future, Frankfurt´s soul creates a extraordinary bridging from tradition to modernity.


Frankfurt am Main / Germany
2015 -2018
Total Investment $ 452.15365





Saquare Meters



Invest in history today!

Even before its destruction, Frankfurt’s old town offered residents and tourists alike short distances to a diverse range of gastronomy and trade and it was the destination of many a family outing. The future Frankfurter-Seele will be carefullyto this time and this flair.
Due to its relative size compared to the surrounding buildings, its architecture
and its location in the historical core of the old town belongs
Frankfurter-Seele is already one of the most influential buildings in Frankfurt´s history of Architecture.