Since 2015 Da Silva Brokers Art-LAB has redefined the role of corporate patronage in the arts by providing new opportunities for artists, extending the boundaries of exhibition making, and fostering meaningful public engagement with the arts. The program supports the production of new work by emerging and established artists, presents historical surveys, and engages community in dialogue through educational and public programming. Da Silva Brokers Art-LAB is an experimental, non-commercial arts organization dedicated to the cultivation and advancement of the arts.

Da Silva Foundation

It is with great pleasure that we announce the construction start of the long awaited Da Silva Foundation in Victoria, Espiritos Santo, Brazil.
The 80 meter high building will be the extension of the famous Museum of Arts, MAES and will house the exhibition spaces and residency program of Da Silva Brokers Art LAB as well as the private collection of our founder Antonio da Silva.

Current supported exhibitions: 

Tirante –Museu de Arte do Espírito Santo


Curated by Clara Sampaio, Felippe Moraes

Artists: Clara Sampaio, Felippe Moraes, Fredone Fone, Marcelo Venzon, Raquel Garbelotti, Anton Steenbock


CEO and founder of Da Silva Brokers, Antonio da Silva in conversation with visual artist and DSB fellow, Anton Steenbock @ KW – Institute for Contemporary Art – Berlin


Correndo do jogo – um atravessamento entre mitologia e pós-antropologia // Running from the game – a crossing between mythology and post-anthropology


Da Silva Brokers Artlab Award




We at Da Silva Brokers Art Lab are pleased to present the exhibition “Running of the Game – a crossing between mythology and post-anthropology”, a generous collective with what is most dignified and sincere in the appropriation of pragmatic sentences, as in that episode where Lévi-Strauss took the Yanomami Indians to a horn concert in the Bolivian Amazon.

The representativeness of the works presented here passes through a dialectic sieve in imminent catharsis, where all the artists were invited from a digital sense regimented in the agenda of the Official Gazette. The engagement in question, once it is understood that what moves us is gentle, offers us a rhizomatic loom of what matters as humanity, since no plot in this moment of crisis is hostile enough to be a given agreement, uttered to current use.

In the use of these images, we have as a parameter what affects the aristocratic pendulum of Truth, that subtle enjoyment that makes the clown a mere class architecture. This terror/travel that we face in the country today is due a lot to the spectacle of incendiary parables, like surfers that float in derisory crystals, and corrupts in the Protestant iconoclasm. We at SILVA ART LAB cannot deny a kind of narcissistic narrative that brings as a vestige not only the abominable interest in the indelible fragmentations of Time, but also the juxtaposition between the Human and the Sound, since the dish of the day is also a coitus of death.

Despite the endless nihilistic poetic resource, the cross between these works of art create to the eyes a sensation of imaginary torpor that overturns the smallest of geometric criticisms, the abstract and modernist content then becomes a complement to a normal text.

We cannot but thank the artists who accepted our invitation to compose this repertoire of outrages and conceptual garments, theories of the new Human prepared to transcend politics in the name of a trivialization of the aesthetic cutback guaranteed by the XII century.

Evaldo Sérgio Ferreira
Curator and president of Da Silva Brokers Art LAB Brazil